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Prebuilt websites & online stores FAQ

What are designs for?

We have created a collection of incredible designs so that you can quickly and easily find the perfect ready-made site for yourself. Please choose the appropriate design and tariff; installation, configuration, and year-round support are ours!

Can designs be edited?

We can add changes in all desgns, it can be font, color, background, etc.

Can designs be changed?

You can request a website redesign at any time (within reason).

How many days I need to wait that my new website will be done?

If you have the necessary content (information about your company, product, etc.), the site can be launched within 3 working days.

I can’t decide which one design is the best for me

Describe us your project and we will select suitable options for you. We show that the website development can be simple and fast.

What do I pay for?

You pay for the finished website, content, support, security and powerful hardware that hosts your website.

When do I pay for the site?

When you realize an apply for a website creation, you are not paying. We make an detailed acquaintance with your project. You will pay after we discussed your new website.

What are content blocks for?

Content blocks help to present content in a structured and professional way.

Is the domain price included in my plan?

Domains are paid separately due to the large difference in their cost. For example, a .com domain costs an average of $15, while a .ua domain costs about $35.

What should I do if none of the designs suit me?

If you want a website with a custom design contact us.

What are favorites or a heart button for?

You can collect website designs in your favorites while choosing a future site and use this collection for your new website.

Do you support projects?

Yes, we support different projects. Learn more

Can I edit a website by myself?

Yes, we have detailed instructions how to do this. Additionally we have experts who will guide you step by step.

Is the content filling made by your specialists free of charge?

The plan price includes a certain number of hours of the content filling for free. Usually, this time is enough for the initial content filling. Additional hours are billed separately. The quantity of content hours for each tariff, as well as prices for additional content hours, you will find in the “Prices” section.

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